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About Us

Our history

In 1915 we set off on a journey in the wonderful world of flowers. A century of recognition, through exploring the Beautiful and the Personal, by the name “Kontogiannis”.

Our Passion

We absolutely respect flowers’ ultimate mission in the world and we get inspired by it. At “Kontogiannis Maitre Fleuriste” we design the most delicate arrangements. Our unique creations emit an “innerness” and are capable of expressing all kinds of feelings for all kinds of moments. Focused on quality, we thoroughly select flowers of rare features from around the world, either to form a simple bouquet or an amazing design suitable for any type of reception. Our magnificent arrangements create the most tasteful atmosphere for your everyday life as well as your special moments.

Our Services

Throughout the years, the name “Kontogiannis” has been established as the indisputable “Maitre Fleuriste”. We offer you our impeccable services and consistency and promise a memorable experience for you and your guests.

We are thankful for your preference that is so supportive and inspirational for our “flourishing” destinations.

Dimitris Kontogiannis