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Disclosure Agreement

This disclosure agreement concerns the site of KONTOGIANNIS MAITRE FLEURISTE ( When you send a request online, the information you provide us is used to answer your question online. We consider the requests you make and the emails you send classified. We do not transfer their content only to the direct concerned recipient and to the law, if this is requested or if the content of the message is considered to affect us. Such action is necessary in order to:
  1. Protect our rights and our property
  2. Protect ourselves against the improper or unauthorized use of KONITGIANNIS MAITRE FLEURISTE's site.
  3. Protect our personal security or the property of our users and our audience.
However, if you give us a false e-mail address or try to get someone else's position when you send information online, all information - as well as the IP address - will be part of any investigation. The personnel of KONTOGIANNIS MAITRE FLEURISTE may need to process your e-mail in collaboration with the technical department. Also, if you request one of the KONTOGIANNIS MAITRE FLEURISTE customer service officers to assist you in any email, he will be able to access the full range of information that is relevant to your request, including your e-mail address and your messages. KONTOGIANNIS MAITRE FLEURISTE may have links to other sites. We are not responsible for their security policy or the way they manage their online visitors.